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Dr Trisha Stratford

Trisha has worked as a training consultant, psychosynthesis and Clinical neuropsychotherapist and executive coach for over twenty-five years. She has a background in developmental psychology and the media and has completed a PhD (Neuroscience) on the brain and relationship. Her Post- Doctoral research was in establishing the part of the brain responsible for the AHA moment and how we can generate this visionary mechanism. She is a registered clinical neuropsychotherapist and mediator and is interested in the neuroscience of relationship and its application in the role of leadership, relationship and change.

Trisha’s PHD looked at the connection between well-being and the brain.
Trisha is currently the neuropsychotherapist on the hit Channel 9 Show ‘Married at First Sight.’ This is season 5 and Trisha has presented on the show for all five seasons.
Her media background includes working as a war correspondent in Somalia, Bosnia, Rwanda, Kenya and the Middle East for Channel 9, CNN, BBC, TVNA and 60 Minutes (Australia, USA and NZ), Australian Idol (all seasons) and radio and press throughout the world. She has made over twenty prime-time TV Documentaries and is an award-winning author of two books.
Trisha has been worked as a keynote speaker for many organisations and recently at the Adshel Advertising Conference in Sydney. She has also presented her research at many International Conferences.

Trisha has experience in hostage negotiation and has worked as a communications and training consultant to corporations in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, New Zealand and the Pacific.
She has run executive coaching/mentoring and training programmes for many national and international organisations. Trisha has worked with CEO’s, senior and junior management staff as well as front line workers.

She specialises in the neurophysiology of relationship in both a personal and commercial sense, health and well-being, building resiliency with the brain in mind, performance anxiety; conflict resolution, communication, emotional intelligence and occupational stress management.
Trisha has worked with the ABC, SKYNEWS, FACS; NSW Health; St Vincents; Fremantle Media, Wesley Mission, Employers Mutual; MediaCom, Mitchell Media, Omnicor, Spark PhD, Queensland Government, Main Roads and Workplace Health and Safety Qld, Yulu-Burri-Ba, Morris Corporation, Ernst and Young, Macquarie Bank and Whittaker Macnaught.

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