Q and A

Dr Trisha Stratford - PhD (Neuroscience - MPACFA; MABBCAP; MPBANZ)

Trisha is a clinical neuro-psychotherapist with a PhD in the neuroscience of relationships. She specialises in how the brain impacts relationships; the power of the creative process and the neuroscience of communication.

Trisha has a private Clinical neuro-psychotherapy practice in Surry Hills where she works with individuals and couples. She is also a registered Clinical Supervisor.

Trisha helps client to fulfil their potential through the lens of positive psychological growth by expanding neural integration and deepening self-awareness enabling re-framing of life’s challenges and moving beyond fear into creating a new positive understanding of ‘self.

Trisha also works as a training consultant and specialises in how we can create improve our creativity and create the ‘AHA’ moment in everyday life. Her post-doctoral research was with thirty CEO’s where she was able to improve their visionary thinking by 30% using her model of creativity which was developed from her PhD.

She has worked as a training consultant, clinician and coach for the past twenty-five years. Her workshops include the neuroscience of resiliency; how to improve your creative thinking; neuro-leadership, conflict transformation, communication skills; occupational stress using the transformational tools of neuroscience and emotional intelligence to develop disruptive innovation in our thinking and visioning.

Trisha has experience in hostage negotiation and has worked as a consultant to corporations in Australia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, New Zealand and the Pacific. With this combination of skills, Trisha has a unique insight into what is needed to produce best performance. She is also a published author of two books.